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    Prix Picto De La Mode





    The Prix Picto de la Mode, a benchmark distinction for emerging talents in the field of fashion photography, is taking advantage of this new edition to reaffirm and reinforce its mission to offer young photographers the opportunity for a prestigious encounter with the professional, institutional and international world of fashion.

    In 2017, the Prix Picto de la Mode is welcoming the arrival of a new distinguished partner, Palais Galliera, Paris fashion museum. The Palais Galliera will partner with Picto Foundation throughout the awards process. Jury deliberation and awards ceremony will take place on October 9, 2017. This association is part of a common goal to create a lasting link between the worlds of fashion and emerging photography. Through this partnership, Picto Foundation also enables the works of each award winner to become part of the Palais Galliera’s public collection.


    Palais Galliera, the Paris Fashion Museum, is happy to take part in the Picto Fashion Photography Awards. With more than 56,000 images, the museum’s one-of-a-kind collection traces the history of photography from 19th century fashion until today and includes many illustrious names: Baron Adolph de Meyer, François Kollar, Jean Moral, Henry Clarke, Peter Knapp and Sarah Moon among others. For several years the focus has been on acquiring the works of contemporary fashion photographers such as Juergen Teller and Viviane Sassen. With the Picto Fashion Photography Awards, the Palais Galliera is playing an active role on the contemporary scene and, from now on, will take part in the discovery and support of young creation.”



    The Prix Picto de la Mode was initiated in 1998 by the photo lab Picto with the mission of supporting fashion photographers under 35 years of age, jumpstarting their careers and introducing young talent to the public. The awards have contributed to the discovery of talented photographers who launched international careers: Louis Decamps (Award winner 1998), Sofia & Mauro (Award winners 2002), Marjolijn de Groot (Award winner 2003), Kourtney Roy (Special mention 2007).

    The Prix Picto de la Mode has evolved quickly thanks to loyal partners and juries replenished every year with members from the world of fashion, luxury goods, advertising, art and photography.
In 2013, the prize opened on a world stage and included international winners such as Alice Pavesi Fiori (Italy), Special Mention 2013, Tingting Wang (China), Award winner 2013, Charlotte Abramow (Belgium), Award winner 2014 and Laurent Henrion (Belgium), Award winner 2016 – see images below.




    Since 2014, the prize has been awarded to 3 photographers each year.
 In 2016, the Prix Picto de la Mode became one of the Picto Foundation programs. A new dimension has been given to the awards as the winning photographers’ series enter the Picto Foundation collections. The winners benefit from assistance through the production of exhibition prints, an available shooting studio, digital retouching session and the display of their images on advertising spaces in Paris.




    • Must be under 35 years old, from all countries.
    • Must submit 2 series with a maximum of 8 to 10 images per series.
    • Send your complete contestant file to prixpictodelamode@picto.fr including:
      • Contest entry form attached or downloaded from picto.fr/PrixPictodelaMode.
      • Send photos by wetransfer or a low-definition download link (1.5 Mo – 300 DPI max) and in high definition (20 Mo – 300 DPI max) in jpg format.
      • Biography/ photographer’s background (15 line maximum) in Word format.
      • One presentation text for each of the two series.

    Send files by email to prixpictodelamode@picto.fr before the deadline on September 17, 2017. All incomplete files will not be reviewed.

    Paolo Roversi – Photographer, President or chairman of the jury

    Olivier Saillard – Museum Director, Palais Galliera

    Sylvie Lécallier – Curator, Palais Galliera

    Anne Marie Gardinier – Photographers’ Agent, Anne Marie Gardinier Agency

    Nathalie Benchetrit – Art Buyer, Publicis

    Laurent Henrion – Photographer, Prix Picto de la Mode winner 2016

    Carla Sozzani – Gallery owner

    Natacha Wolinski – Journalist

    Patrick Rémi – Publisher, Exhibition curator

    Christoph Wiesner – Artistic Director, Paris Photo

    Lolita Jacobs – Image Director, Chloé

    Damien Melich – JCDecaux

    Delphine Perroy – Editor-in-chief, Madame Figaro

    Yann Vaternelle – Louis Vuitton



    Prix Picto de la Jeune Photographie de Mode is organized as one of the Picto Foundation‘s programs. The Picto Endowment Fund brings together initiatives supported by the lab in response to the hopes of many photographers: to promote, share and preserve photography.

    • Promoting photography…Picto Foundation supports and presents awards that discover and stimulate photographic talents. Picto Foundation develops and supports: Prix Picto de la Mode, the Prix Niépce, the Bourse du Talent and the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award.
    • Sharing photography…This involves supporting photographers with the distribution of their works and events to organize their scheduling. Picto Foundation is a proud partner of: Paris Photo, The Eyes, Le BAL, Fisheye Gallery and the Promenades photographiques de Vendôme.
    • Preserving photography…Picto Foundation safeguards and transmits know-how that combines artistry and cutting-edge technology in collaboration with more than thirty visual arts and photography schools and started its own collection.



    Palais Galliera ; JCDecaux ; Exelmans Audit & Conseil ; Studio Daguerre Paris ; Le Club des Directeurs Artistiques ; Lumière Ilford.



    Picto considers that it has received permission from Award winners to use their photographs, to reproduce and distribute them in anyway whatsoever, by means of a poster, on social networks (fakebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest…) or other, one or more of their works to promote the Prix Picto de la Jeune Photographie de Mode. Contestants must themselves assure and guarantee organizers that the works to be selected do not infringe on the rights of third parties and that they have obtained from the latter the necessary authorizations for a possible reproduction or exhibition. Picto declines all liability in the event of loss, theft or destruction of the original proofs or negatives during the selection by the jury, during the evening open to professionals or during the exhibition. However, the contestants can take out insurance when submitting their file. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the award in case of force majeure. Participation in the Prix Picto de la Mode implies full acceptance of these rules.



    Sylvie Besnard, Paris – sylvieb@picto.fr – +33 1 53 36 21 22

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