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International Center of Photography School Partnership

Picto has always been a strong supporter of photography schools.

Its international subsidiary Picto New York is proud to collaborate with the ICP School by offering a 20% discount to all ICP students and teachers on all our products: Digital C-print, Inkjet, Dibond Mounting, Acrylic, Framing, HD Metal print, etc. and 10% to alumni for 3 years after graduation*.


In order to benefit from this partnership:


  1. Create an account on PICTO Online.
  2. Choose "Student, School" in the "Profession" menu
  3. Select "ICP School"
  4. Select "Student" or "Teacher"
  5. Enter your expected graduation date


Once activated, you can use your PICTO Online account, but you'll have to wait for validation from ICP to benefit from the 20% discount.


You will receive an email notification saying your account is validated or rejected by ICP.
If your account is validated, you get automatically 20% off all products.
If your account is rejected by ICP, you won't get the 20% off but you can still use your PICTO Online account.

Once you graduate, you still benefit from 10% during the next 3 years!


Feel free to contact us if you have any question.


*Only available on us.PictoOnline.com, for ICP students and teachers. For offline services such as film processing, scan, retouching, etc., get 10% off with your ICP student card.


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