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Since 1950, Picto produces exhibitions of the greatest photographers, takes care of artists achieving their collection of prints and advises galleries and museums for the design of their installations.

An expertise initiated by Pierre Gassman, who loved to print, discuss and interpret; he was the founder and soul of Picto. For three generations, the same spirit, serving photographers to help them achieve their best work, has continued.

Today, senior and experienced craftsmen give Picto its strong reputation.
This expertise is dedicated to your custom projects: print on appointment, advice for your exhibition, discovery of printing processes, etc.

In our workshop, exhibition prints can be made in the company of the photographer, fostering the exchange and sharing of expertise.
In this personal encounter, we attach particular importance to the relationship between the photographer and the printer. We look together for the best solution depending on the photographer's request and on its image: a dialogue that involves choosing the most suitable medium (fine-art, matte, satin, glossy, metallic papers, etc.), or print process.

In our workshop, we're offering both expertise of a technician and sensitivity of an experienced eye. This is how we choose to stay true to our ambition to satisfy the most demanding artists.

It is important to listen to the photographer and do what he wants, and not what we want to do as a printer.
Decipher what is expected in terms of density, color rendering, and faithfully transpose his wishes.

Fred Jourda, Printer

Pierre Gassmann has educated his eye with the greatest photographers and he brought this know-how it in the laboratory.
Today, photographers come to us to have this eye on their work.
We bring them tips, distance and new opportunities.

Payram, Printer

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PICTO New York offers professional quality prints, on site and online. We provide high end services for photographers.
For advertisers, we offer campaign production & traffic management as well as creativity and technology solutions for your visuals, advertising campaigns & communication material.
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