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Pro service

Many photographers, galleries or museums rely on Picto laboratory professionals for the realization of their prints. Pro service allows our customers to entrust us their images as we can work on them and optimize the prints. One of our skilled craftsman will handle your request from the beginning to the end.

This custom service allows photographers to access to our know-how on a qualitative and affordable way.

The entire range of offered services is available on site. We will listen to your wishes and a whole range of sample will help to facilite the choice of materials and processes.

A tip for preparing your files, ideas for designing your exhibition, support for your photographic projects... Picto Pro service is an experienced, passionate and available team dedicated to your projects.

I use to compare our work to diamond cutter. Photographers arrive with a project to model.
We guide them on the different materials and finishes in order to get to their expectations.

Pascal Oriac, Customer service manager

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PICTO New York offers professional quality prints, on site and online. We provide high end services for photographers.
For advertisers, we offer campaign production & traffic management as well as creativity and technology solutions for your visuals, advertising campaigns & communication material.
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